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Kevin (England)

I have just come back from holiday and collected Drum last night from the PO.

Wow - She is beautiful, so much care has gone into the making of her.

She has so many voices too - Sounds I did not know were possible.

Lynne Maree

I just picked up my beautiful drum. I am humbled and joyful at the beauty of this drum. The loving attention to detail, the high quality and careful selection  of the materials from which it is made. I am in awe. My heart sings and my whole being resonates to its AMAZING voice. With such a gentle touch- a very potent sound. I appreciate the life of all the living beings who are part of it and I will play it with love, joy and gratitude.  I am very grateful for your assistance and for this lovely drum. I am so happy to receive it.

As a sound therapist I play a set of crystal singing bowls and some bells. I perform healing concerts, meditations and individual sessions and felt the need for a healing drum to add another dimension to the process. This drum is perfect and many will benefit from it.
I wish you and your family well on life's journey.


Steph (New Zealand)

I received the drum , thank you so much.

It's wonderful and I really love having it in my home, it already feels like a very special friend!

Thanks for all your wonderful mindfulness!


David (Eaglewind)

Thank you for the Lovely Drum, I am a Shaman who has spent time with the American Indian people and I knew I had to get a new drum, I usually have mine made for me , so this was a first for me to get a new drum from somebody else, yet your drum jumped out to me and when I saw it I knew it was coming up this way to Cooraan. Thank you for passing the gift of the drum, know it will bring much healing for mankind.May Blessing of Joy Happiness and Love go to you



Thank you .... I would appreciate the discount as offered on the larger drum, as I run a dancing school and it is not very lucrative!!!
I will be taking my students through a workshop on what I have learnt ... and I thought the drumming, dance and chanting would be greatly appreciated by them. Most of my students come from single parent families... so money has always been an issue

I received the drum today and have already had some senior students totally "overwhelmed"! Three parents were also there and have now become more "interested" in what their daughters have learnt and are learning, wondering if they too can join the "workshop"!!!

The drum arrived in excellent condition and is just wonderful.... Thank you for your very kind assistance.... I will be making great use of it with my students!


I just love my beautiful drum!! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful drum and putting your love and time into it. It is something so precious and I will cherish and treasure it forever. It was perfectly packaged and arrived quickly, I cannot thank you enough. If I know anyone in need of a drum, I will highly recommend you.


My drum arrived today...Thank you so much... I love it!! I can see pictures in the skin already, that I'm sure will change and grow, as I do with this wonderful healing drum. Blessings to you, for your great female energy on making this drum..I look forward to using this fantastic healing tool.  To begin this new journey...


Wow the wands just arrived, I'm overwhelmed they are just exquisite, thanks so so much.  I ALMOST BOUGHT THE COLOURFUL ONE YU HAD LISTED BUT SOMEONE BEAT ME HEHE, I JUST LOVE THEM

Joe (USA)

Thank you again for your healing creations.....

May the Joy of Peace find you & yours....and us all...
during this Christmas season....!!!

ps.  ...the Drum is magnificent as always.....just resonates right through me....

General Comments

  •     Awesome Drum, beautiful top quality and beautiful sound, thanks so much :)
  •     My sincere thanks to an amazing artisan & creator. A wonderful experience. ******
  •     A distinctive & sacred piece that has resonated with my heart & touched my soul.
  •     Love it great sound deep and resonant voice reflects the spirit of the warrior.
  •     Beautiful drum which soars like the phoenix contained in its face. AAA +
  •     Beautiful wand with great detail, postage fast and well packed. Thanks.
  •     Absolutely beautiful drum.. totally exceeded my expectations!
  •     Just stunning! Resonates deeply. Will love getting to know the drum's spirit :-)
  •     Awesome craftwomanship great sound a treasure.
  •     I just love my new wand! Thank-you.
  •     As always these soulful creations are an inspiration & help to those using them.
  •     Absolutely beautiful I cant stop holding it! Pure calm loving energy. so grateful.
  •     With love and honour we'll travel together for long time thank you for this gift.

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