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    We also offer for sale Native American Indian style crystal healing wands.

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  •     A perfect gift idea for the person who has everything
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These stunning magical and mystical double ended Crystal Healing - Wands come in two thickness approximately ½” and ¾”, the lengths vary with the size of the crystals between approximately 12in – 16in (30cm –38cm) or as described.

These Crystal Healing, Wands have amazing and beautiful quality CLEAR QUARTZ Points at one end and quality interesting rich AMETHYST Points at the other. They have a soft leather bound copper stem (a range of leather colours available) and are blessed and decorated in a traditional way, carrying with them the essence and SPIRITUAL MEDICINE and CRYSTAL ENERGY directly from Natures Gifts and MOTHER EARTH.

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HEALING CRYSTAL WAND - Healing Crystals, Healing Stones, citrine, clear quartz, bright yellow gold

HEALINH CRYSTAL WAND deep yellow gold

This thick and chunky ( 1'' / 2.5 cm) wide CLEAR QUARTZ HEALING CRYSTAL WAND FOR SALE is a double ended 33cm/13" long HEALING CRYSTAL WAND has an amazing & beautiful 5cm (2 inch) long, clarity rich quality  CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL WAND POINT, at one end & an interesting rich deep CITRINE POINT at the other. It has a soft deep yellow gold coloured, leather bound copper stem.

This Healing Crystal wand for sale is blessed & decorated in a traditional way, carrying with it the essence & SPIRITUAL MEDICINE & CRYSTAL ENERGY directly from natures gifts & MOTHER EARTH.


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