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    Inspired by the Native American Indian Style, Drums are our Native Drum speciality.

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drum back 2Each of the Native American style drums from NATIVE DRUM is lovingly hand-crafted and blessed in Australia, using hides and hoop supplies available at the time, Kangaroo, Goat, Deer etc, pine, paulownia,  oak etc, as described with each drum and laced with strong pseudo sinew, allowing them further to weather various climatic conditions and still hold their tone. These Native American style drums for sale are also referred to as a Native American style hand drums or as Native American style Hoop Drums or Native American style Shaman or Medicine Drums.

NATIVE DRUMS - Australia are available in sizes - 18in (45cm) x 3in (8cm), 16in (40cm) x 2.5 in (7cm), 15 inch (38cm) x 2.5in (7cm) or 12inch (30cm) x 2.5inch (7cm), and laced with the MEDICINE WHEEL weave representing the four directions, the four seasons, the four coloured people of MOTHER EARTH & the four states of our being,  and each with their direct connection to Source... GREAT SPIRIT…. the unity of People, Nature and Spirit. Each drum comes with a free beater (drum stick) of natural wood & leather or felt. Drum Care instructions are also included.

Each  Native American style Drum from NATIVE DRUM has a beautiful unique & distinctive rawhide face (nature assures no two will be exactly the same) and with its unique and subtle markings appears to hold all the possibilities of the universe ...... nature at its finest.

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Large 15 inch Shamanic drum


As this drum birthed some intense energy downloaded to herald her earthly landing!This healing drum now carries beautiful pranic energy or Life Force. Breathe, Play and Allow!The drums powerful  'energy line' symbolises...Past & Future, the Perfect Time Line, Dark & Light, Yin & Yang, Heaven & Earth, Above & Below, Within & Without.

Tears of emotions flowed as the drum bought in the vital energy of waters, spirits of the water, the gentle song of rain and whispering river waters meandering in gentle richness, all in synchronicity with emotional depth, encouraging nurturing care or release, to all in her presence. 

Deep breaths welcomed in the element of air, celebrating a new voice, offering the spiritual healing of gentle wind song, connecting with own heart, the beating heart of the drum and the deep vibration of Earths Mothers heart.

As bare feet kissed the Earth, stimulating shards of healing crystaline light energy, blessing her, nourishing her deep to the core, an intense bonding, honouring connection was forged.

Are you the one to add the fiery energy life force to complete her four elemental  journey?  Does the fire in your soul ever ignite the Breath of Life, Passion, Joy, Deep Love ? ...the time is now, shes ready to share, shes calling you, come claim her Aho !...and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Lrg 16inch Shamanic drum


Is it time for you to take a journey of soul searching and self discovery?

In the gentle embrace of this sacred hoop drum, the wisdom of the willow tree and the spirit of the kangaroo intertwine, forming a carrier of profound healing and soul connection. As you play this drum, her rhythms vibrate with the ancient echoes of the earth, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey of the soul.

The willow tree, with its flexible branches and deep roots, symbolises resilience and adaptability—the very qualities that will guide you on your quest for self-understanding. As the drum's frame, it offers stability and strength, anchoring you during times of uncertainty.

This kangaroo hide drum embodies the spirit of this beautiful animal—a creature of agility and intuition. Like the kangaroo, you are invited to trust your instincts and leap fearlessly into the depths of your soul. The drum's hide resonates with the energies of protection and courage, enveloping you in a cocoon of healing and empowerment.

With every beat, this drum can become a conduit to your innermost self, encouraging you to explore the depths of your being with curiosity and love. Her rhythms echo the sacred heartbeat of Mother Earth, bridging the connection between your soul and the cosmic dance of the universe, where you'll find solace in the knowledge that you are not alone. The drum embraces the journey of those who have felt disconnected, offering a safe space to explore and embrace your unique identity by inviting you to embrace every facet of your being.

Through your beating heart and the beat of this Soul Search drum may you find the strength to stand tall, knowing that you are a unique expression of the universe's infinite tapestry.

Are you ready to embrace this instrument of healing and empowerment as a faithful companion on your soul's ever-unfolding journey? May it lead you to a place of profound self-understanding and love. A'Ho.....and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features appears.....read more click on title..

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12in (30cm) sm Goat Hide drum


This powerful little drum with her deep-voiced songs, a beautiful and meaningful creation, carries the potent energies of healing and love. A loving saviour, a caring guardian, a supportive liberator, ready to partner you as a tool for meditation, healing, and connecting with spiritual energies.

This drum's loving energy can promote self healing,  deep inner healing and self-discovery. Connecting her throbbing drum beats with your very own heart rhythms, being in her loving presence during meditation or healing practices, can promote a sense of well-being and emotional release.

This drum helps create a sacred space where each in her company can feel safe and protected while exploring their emotions and connecting with their inner-selves, promoting healing and personal growth.

Her innate infused healing energy will radiate a sense of love, care, and compassion. This loving presence can help us feel supported and nurtured during our healing journeys.

As you attune yourself mindfully with intention and reverence to her precious essence and enter into your personal healing practices also know and consider sharing her positive influence with others who may benefit from her healing qualities.

Listen can you hear her gently calling you?...and with these subtle pure features.....read more click on title and see more photos.

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Ex Large 18 inch Shamanic Drum


The creation of this powerful hoop drum is a remarkable one, as it embodies the essence of a pure, loving heart that has endured great trials and emerged with an unwavering spirit of strength and bravery.  The energy was truly palpable as I birthed it.

May the rhythm of this drum serve as a gentle reminder of the inter-connectedness of all life.

The frame, crafted from the resilient paulownia tree, symbolizes the concept of renewal and resilience, akin to the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.

With the goat skin stretched over its frame, this drum serves as a vessel for the transmission of kindness, care, and generosity. Its purpose is to carry the energy of a pure-hearted soul, offering solace and healing to those who seek its comforting rhythms. Through its connection to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother and the pulsating rhythm of the drum, this drum resonates with the life force that binds us all.

May this drum serve as a conduit for the drums true partner and all who connect with it, enabling them to emerge with the energies of resilience and love, and find solace and healing through Pure Heart's soothing vibrations. May the drums rhythmic beat serve as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us, capable of overcoming adversity with grace and fortitude.

Are you ready for this powerful exchange?  Pure Heart is ready!.and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features appears.....read more click on title..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic Drum DIVINE ECHOS  


Do you seek the melody of eternity? the gentle whisper, the sacred murmuring, of loved ones spirit, dancing in the rhythms of the cosmos? A reminder that even in the darkest of nights, there is light to be found  in the depths of sadness and discovery of the truest expression of faith: that even in death, love remains.

As I birthed this Sacred Drum I felt guided by an unseen hand,  I had recently suffered the tragedy of great loss and felt the call again to breath life into a new drum, infusing it NOT with the essence of sorrow but the promise of healing and recovery. I felt a remarkable sense of peace and joy caressing my body in this time of chaos and loss, as this drums creation took place within my vibrating hands.

This Sacred Drum carries the divine energy of Creators handiwork. Its rhythms speak of a heavenly connection, a bridge between worlds, where the earthly and the ethereal intertwine. With each drum beat, be reminded of the eternal dance of life and death, of the ever-present heartbeat of the universe, as this drum resonates with an ethereal aura that speaks of divine inspiration and spiritual guidance. With each beat, it speaks, not of loss, but of presence, not of absence, but of connection, binding earth to sky, heart to soul.

This drum serves as a conduit for the manifestation of Divine Echos, pulsating with the rhythmic heartbeat of ancient wisdom and timeless truths.

As this healing drum is played, it evokes a chorus of heavenly whispers, echoing the sacred calling that beckons to the hearts of all who lend their ears to the melodic resonant voice.

This sacred instrument, with its divine resonance, speaks the language of the soul, stirring a deep sense of reverence and spiritual connectivity. Its rhythms are not merely sounds, but a manifestation of divine presence, inviting all who listen to attune themselves to the cosmic vibrations of Creators unfathomable grace and boundless love with a chorus of angels singing a melody of hope.

In the whispers of its song, you can find comfort, knowing that your loved ones spirit lives on. This drum holds  a key to not only healing but also a profound connection to something greater than ourselves. It feels more than just an instrument, yet a conduit for divine grace, a testament to the enduring power of love and the unbreakable bond between our heart and the spirit of our dearly departed. The journey of the soul.

Do you resonate with the deep healing energy of this drum? Maybe you work with others who may also benefit from these comforting rhythmic beats, connecting with family, friends, ancestors, is this drum calling you? ..and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic drum


Are you ready to embrace this beautiful and powerful drum as a sacred tool, a companion on your spiritual path. To let her wild heart guide you, energies uplift you and rhythms connect you to the vast web of life that surrounds us all? With each beat, feel the power of the wilderness flow through you, grounding you in the present moment and opening your soul to the profound wisdom of the natural world?

Birthed from the sacred elements of deer hide and pine hoop, highlighting the deep connection to nature, this drum resonates with the ancient spirit of the wilderness. 

The deer, a symbol of intuition, gentleness, and unconditional love, energises the drum with a sense of peaceful strength and deep connection to nature. The pine, known for its resilience and longevity, brings the energy of endurance, wisdom, and a grounding connection to the Earth.   Wild Heart drum birthed with this sacred union, pulses with the wild heart of the forest, carrying the whisper of the wind through the pines and the silent grace of the deer moving through the underbrush. Each beat echoes the heartbeat of the Earth, calling forth the primal rhythms of life and creation.

When you play this drum, you are invoking the spirit of the deer, inviting its gentle wisdom and nurturing presence into your space. You are also drawing on the steadfast strength of the pine, rooting yourself in the ancient traditions and natural cycles of the world. The sound of the drum is a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, a conduit for prayers, healing, and deep meditative journeys. Do you hear the calling... the spirit of the Wild Heart Drum? A'Ho.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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