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    Inspired by the Native American Indian Style, Drums are our Native Drum speciality.

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drum back 2Each of the Native American style drums from NATIVE DRUM is lovingly hand-crafted and blessed in Australia, using Deer Hide (or occasionally Goat Hide or Cow Hide, as described), with a steam bent solid western red cedar hoop frame (or occasionally NZ beech as descibed), and laced with strong pseudo sinew, allowing them further to weather various climatic conditions and still hold their tone. These Native American style drums for sale are also referred to as a Native American hand drum or as Native American Hoop Drums or Native American Medicine Drums.

NATIVE DRUMS - Australia are available in sizes - 18in (45cm) x 3in (8cm), 16in (40cm) x 2.5 in (7cm), 15 inch (38cm) x 2.5in (7cm) or 12inch (30cm) x 2.5inch (7cm), and laced with the MEDICINE WHEEL weave representing the four directions, the four seasons, the four coloured people of MOTHER EARTH & the four states of our being,  and each with their direct connection to Source... GREAT SPIRIT…. the unity of People, Nature and Spirit. Each drum comes with a free beater (drum stick) of natural wood & leather and precious gifts from the Winged Ones. Drum Care instructions are also included.

Each  Native American sttle Drum from NATIVE DRUM has a beautiful unique & distinctive rawhide face (nature assures no two will be exactly the same) and with its unique and subtle markings appears to hold all the possibilities of the universe ...... nature at its finest.

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Large 15 inch Shamanic drum


As this sacred drum birthed I felt a huge sigh move through my body,  with a sense of deep gratitude.  The hide of this sacred deer in my hands, thank you Dearest Darling Deer I sang, thank your for the honour and the blessing that we receive with your sacrifice and gift to us..  and thankfulness that your extended life force lives on with every powerful throbbing beat of this medicine drum.

It was another reminder to express how grateful we are or need to be, for what we do have in our lives small or large.

Gratitude, for what we have even from simple basic needs..  like water, food, shelter from the elements, people we love in our lives. The simple act of thinking with gratitude can change our energy....by looking at the good things we have around us and thanking the universe, even thanking ourselves!

Think about beginning  your day with a gratitude prayer, ending the day with a thankful heart for what you have received or achieved. Its like sending a message to the Universe, Creator, God, Source, to help you receive more.

The feelings of gratitude birth from our heart, your heart being the portal to your soul essence.. lifting you to a finer, higher vibration that can act as a magnet for what you want more of.

Its so easy in the current world to get caught up in depressive states, anxiety and fear, lowering our vibration. A drum is a heart-centred vibrational healing tool, combining both the spiritual medicine of the animal and of the tree and connecting your own heart beat to the heart beat of Mother Earth.

This drum will help you, remind you to beat out the vibrational  heart-felt sense of gratitude  with each and every beat.  What a blessing! Loving, Happy, Healthy, Healing manifesting!..and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic drum


As I birthed this powerful drum I knew it was truly an Earth Drum. I saw a huge gathering of people, all colours, all nations, together in peace and unity walking our Earth Mother in reverence, walking then bending and touching her then walking on, kissing her with every step, every touch, blessing her with every step, singing songs of devotion. I felt the Earth wisdom rising up in responsive gratitude, to teach, to heal, to remind her earthly children that now is the time to act to save her from destruction.

We are each of us her child, we are Earth Beings as such, we feed from the soil, we are an expansion of Natures gifts.

Are you ready to join into this Earth Walk , wrap her around you like a comforting blanket that you know so well? To sense the whisperings of ancient beings on the wind, breathe in the raw fragrance of nature?

Now is time to get back to ancient roots on your  Earth Walk and listen to the natural patterns of the weather, the plants, trees, animals, and forge a deep connection with the water, the air, the sunshine caressing your body, the smell of rain, the birdsong. We are so blessed Sweet Earth, we love you, we will work together to improve our ways with the honour and nurture you deserve.

Are you ready to discover again that very sacred source of your being and enjoy a deep interrelationship with this Earthly experience, with your powerful guiding drum sharing the drums heart beat with your heart beat and the throb of Mothers Heart? The time is now.....and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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12inch shamanic CELEBRATION

This HEALING little Native Drum with its UNIQUE & distinctive translucent kangaroo skin face, speaks of celebration, of heralding a new fate, a wonderful new future created with love and purpose, new beginnings and supreme destiny... a reminder to always trust that we are the smaller part of a greater whole and all is WELL. To re-member we are never ever alone and that divine presence is with us always... a whisper or a gentle drum beat away, a confirmation to have FAITH to TRUST, to feel joy and stay within our inner peace, calmness, tranquility, bliss and love connection, with both acknowledgement and gratitude. Are you ready to Celebrate, usher in wonderful new beginnings with both joy and inner calm...this drum is calling you !..and with these markings and subtle pure energies and features...to read more and see all photos click on title.

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Large 15 inch Shamanic drum


As this powerful unique drum came into creation within my hands,  I felt a rawness, a wildness, a diamond in the rough, an earthly heart connection. As this feeling held I saw a group of men and boys gathered in a circle within a jungle-like clearing  like a setting of vast trees and steamy presence, stunning wilderness.  True custodians of this beautiful place on Earth, their world within the world. The discussions appeared to be about tribal business, care and support, maintenance practicality, food and water animals tribal law, as I was wondering about the women when I was transported to another clearing nearby where the woman, girls and small children sat also in circle ( like the men dressed in animal skins and  adorned with jewellery of  natures gifts.) They laughed, giggled and held hands and danced, their bronzed gold feet kissing the earth with every  gentle deliberate step, as swaddled babies drank from mammas breast and young ones  swayed and chanted with the elders. The bonding and companionship caring and sharing was palpable, I felt so honoured and humbled to witness this. One of the elders blew on a great long ornate horn and they then walked in a single file to follow her through the density of a jungle path  and joined their men. The men raised their arms in loving welcome as the women and children wove in and out around them then sat down as the men did the same ...linking them all together  in a sacred balance of masculine and feminine. A huge pot of maybe soup appeared and they each  shared the task of ladling into shell like cups and sharing between them. It was an awesome and heart warming vision to see. One people, one tribe, united in love, with no knowledge or thought for outer world but living in their moments and caring for each other. and their environment.

Funnily enough I received this unique drums skin by mistake, how blessed  I was to work with this tree-birthed hoop and marry the two together, life force of this wonderful animal still lives on with every beat of this powerful drum with its dark chocolate brown colouring and sprit dancer on the face.

Is Amazonia calling you? are to ready to be transported to a world of love and caring growth, support, to live in the moment, free from stress, find joy in the freedom connected to the Earth Mother in authentic ways, touch the very heart of her? Shes waiting for you!...and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Extra Large 18in /46cm Shamanic drum


This powerful, deeply grounded drum echos Earths Daughter, Earth Star energy. The interesting and unique drums face has a column of light and another finer darker one radiating from a peak of opaque light and directly below there's a smaller opaque peak...fascinating.

Our Earth Star chakra is not located in our physical body but approx 12inch /30cm below our feet and allows for a deep grounded and nourishing connection with the earth but also as an anchor between the spiritual world and the physical world, like an anchor of the full chakra system in fact, connecting personal energy to powerful earthly energy and the energy of the universe.

This beautiful Earth Star drum sings songs of the Earth Mother and is ready to play earth star heart rhythms with you and assist the release of any exhausted, indecisive, disconnected or vague feelings and nourish and nurture a clear thinking self awareness, well being stability,  and energy to reach spiritual and earthly goals. A connection to all humanity and to divine realms...read more click on title and view more photos

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