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    Inspired by the Native American Indian Style, Drums are our Native Drum speciality.

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drum back 2Each of the Native American style drums from NATIVE DRUM is lovingly hand-crafted and blessed in Australia, using Deer Hide (or occasionally Goat Hide or Cow Hide, as described), with a steam bent solid western red cedar hoop frame (or occasionally NZ beech as descibed), and laced with strong pseudo sinew, allowing them further to weather various climatic conditions and still hold their tone. These Native American style drums for sale are also referred to as a Native American hand drum or as Native American Hoop Drums or Native American Medicine Drums.

NATIVE DRUMS - Australia are available in sizes - 18in (45cm) x 3in (8cm), 16in (40cm) x 2.5 in (7cm), 15 inch (38cm) x 2.5in (7cm) or 12inch (30cm) x 2.5inch (7cm), and laced with the MEDICINE WHEEL weave representing the four directions, the four seasons, the four coloured people of MOTHER EARTH & the four states of our being,  and each with their direct connection to Source... GREAT SPIRIT…. the unity of People, Nature and Spirit. Each drum comes with a free beater (drum stick) of natural wood & leather and precious gifts from the Winged Ones. Drum Care instructions are also included.

Each  Native American sttle Drum from NATIVE DRUM has a beautiful unique & distinctive rawhide face (nature assures no two will be exactly the same) and with its unique and subtle markings appears to hold all the possibilities of the universe ...... nature at its finest.

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Drum Beater

The hand crafted Drum Beaters are approximately 32cm long ( fit perfectly inside your drum ) and are made with natural tree limbs, and with a soft deerskin head and decorated trimmings, a perfect friend for your drum to sing in a whisper or shout out with explosive joy !! Price is for each individual Beater.

Custom made Drum Beaters are available.

Beaters are free with a Drum purchase.

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Large 38cm RED DEER DRUM

This HEALING Native Drum has a beautiful UNIQUE & distinctive RED DEER skin face and vibrates with the energy of returning HOME!
Have  you ever felt like you are not truly 'home', that  you belong somewhere else, have come from somewhere else? This drum is calling you Home...to journey with you, to take you on your journey to see the Home of your Heart and Spirit....to move through this Portal and experience your Source and the Love and the Peace you may find there. So if you are ready for this Experience..she calls to You!

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Symbolizes the Ceremonial Shield... ~~SHIELD OF GOOD LUCK~~. Bringing PEACE, PROTECTION, PROSPERITY, GOOD LUCK & HAPPINESS...

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A gift from the PEACOCK himself,the Royal Bird, the Majesty of all birds. May be used as either a
SMUDGE FEATHER or a PRAYER FEATHER. Or used as a powerful symbol to hang in your home, workplace, car or drum etc...

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