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    Inspired by the Native American Indian Style, Drums are our Native Drum speciality.

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drum back 2Each of the Native American style drums from NATIVE DRUM is lovingly hand-crafted and blessed in Australia, using Deer Hide (or occasionally Goat Hide or Cow Hide, as described), with a steam bent solid western red cedar hoop frame (or occasionally NZ beech as descibed), and laced with strong pseudo sinew, allowing them further to weather various climatic conditions and still hold their tone. These Native American style drums for sale are also referred to as a Native American hand drum or as Native American Hoop Drums or Native American Medicine Drums.

NATIVE DRUMS - Australia are available in sizes - 18in (45cm) x 3in (8cm), 16in (40cm) x 2.5 in (7cm), 15 inch (38cm) x 2.5in (7cm) or 12inch (30cm) x 2.5inch (7cm), and laced with the MEDICINE WHEEL weave representing the four directions, the four seasons, the four coloured people of MOTHER EARTH & the four states of our being,  and each with their direct connection to Source... GREAT SPIRIT…. the unity of People, Nature and Spirit. Each drum comes with a free beater (drum stick) of natural wood & leather and precious gifts from the Winged Ones. Drum Care instructions are also included.

Each  Native American sttle Drum from NATIVE DRUM has a beautiful unique & distinctive rawhide face (nature assures no two will be exactly the same) and with its unique and subtle markings appears to hold all the possibilities of the universe ...... nature at its finest.

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Drum Beater

The hand crafted Drum Beaters are approximately 32cm long ( fit perfectly inside your drum ) and are made with natural tree limbs, and with a soft deerskin, felt or lambswool head and decorated trimmings, a perfect friend for your drum to sing in a whisper or shout out with explosive joy !! Price is for each individual Beater....colours and styles vary.

Custom made Drum Beaters are available.

Beaters are free with a Drum purchase.

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 EX Large 18in /46cm GRANDFATHER Rhythm Web

GRANDFATHERS message... this drum carries the energy of a spider-like web.. vibrationally like a series of concentric rings with the Higher Self in the centre. A spiritual path ascends metaphorically, climbing up steadily in a spiral. The web can represent this spiritual path and our Higher Spirit. A spiritual path can be like a weaving and a rhythm, the idea that there is some sort of plan attached to our progress, the order of Creation and our personal  journey. A web can can either manifest as entrapment from which we can untangle, unfurl release or it can manifest solely as expansion, evolution, growth, extension and self development. Are we ready for this, GRANDFATHER says yes we are! And so it is!  and with these subtle pure features appears to hold all the possibilities of the Universe. Aho!

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Exra Large 18in /46cm Shamanic drum SOUL REUNION

DO you feel lost and a bit drained, are you feeling separated, like apart of you is no longer there, no longer in reach? As a collective and individually we are facing some challenging times. Time to have faith!
THIS awesome bold drum speaks of reunion, reunion at a deep soul level, a reunion of your spirit, a re-connection to your Spirit Self.
Are you feeling ready to re-connect and re-fill that space again? Each of us holds that spark of divine within us but often feel somewhat lost or disconnected. Time to take this opportunity to heal and time to bring the gift of reunion with Spirit, with Soul, to your wounds of separation and back again to the universal heart of love, the Sacred heart.
Connect your drums heart beat to your heart beat, to the heart beat of the Earth and the heart beat of creation.

This beautiful powerful drum can help lead the way, guide you, help you fulfill the longings to be in partnership and union with your Soul at the highest level......and with....read more click on title
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Large 15in /38cm Shamanic drum MERCURY

The strong combination of Mercury energy and Goat energy combine in this amazingly strong and powerful healing drum with its deep resonant tones and dark rustic gold colouring and dabbled shadings.

Never underestimate the energy of Goat Medicine, they are a very powerful spirit animal. Goat energy can remind us to take more sure-footed steps, anchor to Mother Earth , re connect to nature.  Goat can assist with added confidence to climb to the top and also awaken your sense of seeing the world again from the curious eyes of a child and hence teach you to navigate rocky ground with a sense of fun!

If you feel like you have lost something of your spiritual self, allow Goat medicine to help you get unstuck!  to support, assist, and inspire you to maintain your balance, regenerate your spiritual journey and connections with the Divine realm. For personal development immerse yourself in nanny goat energy when you need the sacred nourishment of her 'milk' to feed your soul.

The goat is one of the animals that the Planet Mercury  ( named after the Roman Messenger God) represents.
In Roman beliefs Mercury is the divine messenger of the Gods and of travelers, works along side the brilliant light of our sun, rules over communication and supports the strength of the voice through the throat chakra. According to mythology Mercury had wings at his feet and head.

So are you ready to swiftly take flight, be guided by and connect with greater powers of Divine origin, move forward with confidence in every way?  With this awesome drum as your true companion and partner you will be rewarded with support from both an Earthly and Divine source. Go find those those special places to sit, play and connect!.. and with these markings and ......click on title for more photos and info

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Ex Large 18 inch Shamanic Drum


This powerful drum birthed in the energies of the recent full moon, heralding our move into the age of Aquarius.

As this amazing drum came into being I  heard the Queen song "I want to break free" almost blasting at me and the image of Mel Gibson in the movie Brave Heart charging forward in the name of Freedom.

The message was STRONG!

We as beings of this Earth Mother living in Australia, calling Australia home, a home we LOVE, have enjoyed a freedom that many other counties have not been privileged to have...long may this continue into our future.To have the ability to do honest things without restriction, to move freely, the right and power to speak and think as we wish, morally, socially, psychologically free.

This powerful drum holds a key and is ready to forge forward, share energy with a loving and passionate partner, to claim sovereignty, free will, a sense of freedom in all that is, with every powerful beat!

Can you feel the passion, can you feel the strength, then this drum is calling you..

..and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features appears.....read more click on title..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic 

I felt so light and wonderful as I birthed this drum, energy was so beautiful, so special.
While I was creating this drum an old spirit woman joined me, she has been with me before. She was very clear with wise eyes, deep lines etched on her face, a lacy shawl around her shoulders. She was rocking an ornate wooden cradle with a tiny baby in it and she was singing in a low drawling repetitive hum., like a lullaby . She then told me she is Great Grand Mother a caregiver and guide, helping these souls to rebirth on our planet Earth, holding space, with sacred ceremony and toning, guiding infants through the birthing process on this Earthly plain, through the transition, with love, nurture and embrace-ment.
She reminded us that there is no linear time and ancient times are now, we are all one, we are all related.

She placed her hands on the baby and then lightly on the drum and said that the heart beat of this drum, the rhythm of this drum will be a reflection of her, Great Grand Mother, an echo of Earth Mother, connecting body, spirit and the earth through the beats. All who play her or are in the presence of the rhythm will feel this heart connection whether aware or not, this will unite, heal and empower..

She talked about family, the importance of family, whether blood family or otherwise. Nurture our families, feel the Earth Family as well, give Love.. Tread your bare feet on the Earth and send blessings and love through each step.
Is Great Grand Mother calling you? Shhh listen.

...and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic


As I birthed this Love-filled drum a very clear vision of a lake on a beautiful warm day appeared. The setting was very picturesque, with tall trees and rocky outcrops, encircling the lake. The water was shimmering but calm like glassy. I was walking to the edge of the lake and in front of me was like rich earthy soft moist soil, I stood still and suddenly i could see these footprints appear in the mud moving forward, I couldn't see anyone walking and making these prints, the footprints appeared like impressions in the mud, human like but no body ( I have had a vision of similar once before).. these prints kept walking into the lake, I stood still, the water rippled and moved then appeared a figure with their back to me wearing a cloak with a hood walking into the lake...but like they were walking on the surface of water, then suddenly sunk into the water in the middle of the lake disappeared and then suddenly this figures rose from the water in a radiant glow of light, looking straight towards me, a beautiful woman dressed in a blue cloak, with the most beautiful energy emanating from her, the feeling of bliss, she was smiling at me, she stood there in middle of the lake on top of the water.. I felt her presence very deeply and I physically cried and cried, I sobbed feeling the compassion, the nurturing, caring, embracing in the presence, comforting me, like a warm soft blanket caress around me. I felt deep deep grief and it felt like it was being released with her presence and my tears of grief spewed from within me, from tears for the line of woman, releasing the pain held within us, within them. Crying tears of deep pain, rolling down my cheeks toward the drum, crying for the land,crying for the water , crying for the world, crying for injustice, crying for us, crying for you, crying for me, crying for the first people, the ancestors, the women. ...a very much needed releasing of the pain and grief, that has been held within us, within them, within the land. I asked her who she was and she replied  The Essence of Love itself she said . I need no other name and then she disappeared altogether.

As I made this drum The Circle of Ancient Grandmothers then stepped in, they gathered in close around me they were chanting to their beating,  2 or 3  of them had a drums but they all danced, swayed and chanted, in rhythmic tones, high and low, celebrating the birth of the new Drum-Being.

The message being remember how mighty you are, a powerful being, a human being with ancestral alliances you have had forever. Reclaim your power . Go within. Remember all those powerful memories of your being-ness, your magic and how connected you are to all the elements. Re waken more memories now with your drum. Please remind yourself of your beauty and the purpose of your life-walk, your power and your beauty in this world, your world.. It is needed, we need it more and more than ever. Wake up, remember the fullness of your life-flow, with every breath everyday and with every beat of this LOVE-FILLED drum.

If you run your fingers along the line on the drum face you will notice its a scar, a healed wound. Are you ready to gently heal wounds and embrace the new with the Essence of Love, Loves Essence?

...and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....click on title for more and view all photos..

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Large 15 inch Shamanic Drum.


Beautiful Moon Beam was birthed in the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon..heralding our move into the age of Aquarius.

Her energy exudes a wonderful ray of magical moon light. she represents the feminine, a universal representation of the rhythm of time.. of cycles.

Luna phases are a symbol of enlightenment of eternity and even embracing the darker sides of our nature.

Moon beams, moon light are mostly reflections from where the sun light strikes on the Luna surface.

Are you a Moon Lover, do you enjoy a Moon Bath, when she lights up our night skies?

When Grandmother moon is full, this is the time to give thanks, much gratitude for our personal medicine and with all we are connected to.

The moon HERALDS exciting times, new spiritual potential, high energy for new beginnings, new projects.

The moon makes the earth move as well as the tides. Are you ready to make the Earth move with Moon Beam as your companion of light?

She is also asking for a tattoo, a sigil or symbol to be added to her light-filled face, you will know what she needs when you are beloved partners.

Time to sing moon songs together with every beat of your drum and your throbbing sacred hearts as you make your connection to our Earth Mother heart....and with these unique qualities and markings and subtle pure features  appears.....read more...click on title..

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