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    We sell quality Native American style drums and crystal healing wands internationally.

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Native Drum - Australia:  International seller of quality hand crafted Native American style drums and Native American style crystal healing wands

3 drumsWe specialize in expertly hand crafting supreme quality Native Drums, we offer NATIVE AMERICAN STYLE DRUMS for sale, Native American Style HOOP DRUMS and Hand drums, Native American style CRYSTAL HEALING WANDS, Crystal Jewellery, Mandellas and other Native American style crafts.

After many years experience as artisans, drum makers, and teachers of the craft, we take great pride in all our work.

Each of our products is lovingly handcrafted with due mindfulness, ceremony & prayer, bringing us into unity and harmonious balance with the primal heartbeat of Mother Earth and all nature. We are honoured to work with the energy and spirit of many magnificent animals, trees and crystals, endlessly expressing great gratitude for their precious gifts as we journey with them.

Each NATIVE DRUM is handcrafted in the traditional way. It is a created loving instrument with a beautiful voice for healing and for connectedness to the Heart, to Mother Earth, to Spirit & Soul.

Native traditions teach that drums are living beings and that the animals and the trees from which they are made, allow the spirit to reside within, we trust, honour and respect that guidance. We celebrate that each drum seeks and calls to its true partner, the one who also seeks the drum, and when this connection is made a life long relationship is formed.

Drumming promotes an awakening of the shining light within, that powerful rhythm and life force that each of us holds. Drumming can also provide the gateway to that still and quiet place, for relaxing & centering, or can release stress, depression, anger, grief and loneliness and can call in the power and courage to conquer our fears. Drum and Drummer become one with all that is…a single heartbeat to heal, soothe and nurture our inner selves, our soul.

Drumming offers both spiritual and emotional health benefits and has been an essential part of Native culture for centuries all over the world. Medical researchers now testify to the stress reducing affects of drumming. Drum rhythms can produce & release bio chemicals which boost our immune system and even short periods of rhythmic drumming can change brain waves patterns and synchronise left and right brain hemispheres. Drumming is now being successfully used as a musical & vibrational sound therapy in many sectors.

4 wandsNATIVE DRUM CRYSTAL HEALING WANDS use the power of the crystals to focus & receive energy, and are an amazing energetic tool to bring about healing in ourselves, others or the environment. They are a powerful partner in any form of subtle energy work and make a beautiful addition to a healing tool or crystal collection.

Our Native American Style Hoop Drums, Crystal Healing Wands and  hand crafted Accessories are perfect for Spiritual and Shamanic Healing, Journeying, Meditation & Retreat, Drum Circles, Personal or Ceremonial Ritual and Rites of Passage.

They are the perfect gift to give yourself or that ‘special someone in your life’.  Each is an original work of art and nature has assured that no two will be identical, as both skins and crystals vary greatly.

Each one of us can play our part, by beating our drums we empower, heal and harmonize the planet, the universe and ourselves and connect with the primal rhythm that resides within ‘all that is’.

Let us link our vibrations with love and strengthen the connectedness, as our drums sonorous voice carries the energy of transformation.


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Native Drum

International seller of quality Native American style drums and crystal healing wands.

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