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    We also offer for sale Native American Indian style crystal healing wands.

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WEAR around your neck or hang in your home or workplace..is an interesting piece of fallen branch. Has a beautiful Clear Quartz Point as focal point, piece of raw Amber,citrine,tigers eye & Aventurine chips & tiny feathers...

NATURE SPIRIT WANDS are unique energetic and healing crystal creations, crystal wands, talking sticks and ritual tools, lovingly created from the elements of NATURE .. driftwood, fallen branches, feathers, beach stones and sea shells etc…. for meditation, rituals, magic spells or for expressing your own unique nature and intuition. NATURE SPIRIT WANDS can stimulate, inspire, amplify connections and raise consciousness through the perfection of nature and crystals.

*Maybe the perfect gift idea for the person 'who has everything'.

*A great coffee table conversation piece.

*A beautiful addition to your healing tools & crystal collection

This stunning magical and mystical NATURE SPIRIT WAND is approximately 29cm (11in) long... ( a lovely sea, sun and sand bleached  piece of driftwood). It has an interesting amethyst as its focal point, and decorated with shining sea shell piece in the shape of the crescent moon & a stunning apricot parrot feather.

This is a powerful NativeDrum style spiritual tool, lovingly blessed & hand-crafted in Australia, which can send or receive energy & would be a beautiful addition to your healing tools or crystal collection (or a great coffee table conversation piece). It can also be used like a traditional TALKING STICK & passed around HEALING & MEDITATION circles to help channel communication.

The powerful healing energy of crystals is well known. Our Universe works in mysterious & wonderful ways.

Wishing you Heaven in you Heart, Starlight in your Soul & Miracles in your life!

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