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    Inspired by the Native American Indian Style, Drums are our Native Drum speciality.

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A gift from the PEACOCK himself,the Royal Bird, the Majesty of all birds. May be used as either a
SMUDGE FEATHER or a PRAYER FEATHER. Or used as a powerful symbol to hang in your home, workplace, car or drum etc...

Total length 27in (69cm)

SMUDGE FEATHERS Are traditionally used to cleanse, purify, heal, protect and remove negative energy from a person, a space, or a special or sacred object, including healing tools, drums crystals etc.

Smudge feathers are used with different types of burning dried herbs, plants or resins (various countries use different cleansing plants) sage is a favourite, to form smoke that is smudged, guided and swept around the person or object.

PRAYER FEATHERS allow us to form a wonderful bond with our Winged Friends, our prayer messengers, who have soared high above us and now assist us with sending our prayers to the Highest Divine Source.

“Trust in Your Higher Self"

Peacock feathers represent pride, and by extension, royalty, majesty, nobility and glory. Peacocks are also known to eat poisonous plants with no ill effects, making their feathers a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality.

Symbolic - the peacock is a sacred bird. "By the Peacock" was a sacred oath, because the peacock was thought to have the power of resurrection, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.


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